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GENERATION 1: 1957-1963

The skyline was started by prince motor's in japan as car very close looking coupes in other countries. The series ALSI 1 had 60hp while the series 2 had 70hp. The series 3 was released in 1961 with 91hp from the factory you could choice from a converitable or coupe sadens.


GENERATION 2:1963-1966 S50

The e series was a 1.5 litre with 7ohp. This was also the model that started racing in 1964, winning on local japanese teams. They later developed the skyline 2000GT. Now the skyline was designed to beat porche with its high compresstion and close 5 speed gear ratio, the camshafts where also redesigened for racing.


GENERATION 3: 1968-1972 C10

The skyline was still designed by prince motors but was funded by nissan who owned a large part of the company. The c10 was owned by nissan by 1968 when they bought out prince motors. It was at this point a 5 speed, 4 door, while in 1970 the 2 door was released with a gt motor with 108hp.


GENERATION 4: 1973-1977 C110

The c110 was a 1600 GT model with 110hp.This model also had smoother lines and a more aggressive stance.


GENERATION 5: 1977-1981 C210

The GT-R badge was removed from this model due to its looks and lack of power. It was fuel injected with a T-denoted turbo. The oil cirsis at the time played a role in the lack of power for this model.


GENERATION 6: 1981-1985 R30

With a new naming method the r3x was released (R30). it was boxy like many cars of the 80's. But it did have a 1.6 litre motor. With late models having 145hp. It did do great on the track.


GENERATION 7: 1985-1989 R31

The R31 had smoother lines and reworked inside and out. The RB engine was introduced with a straight 6 for 130hp/160 and even 180hp. With a turbo and intercooler hp went to 190hp the hicas and 4 wheel steering was also released.


GENERATION 8: 1989-1994 R32

The R32 was the begin of the super car we all know today with its rb motor, hicas system the GT-S had 220hp. Then the rb26dett twin turbo pushed 280hp winning every race it entered. No one wanted to race against it, so its own class was made. At this time the Japanese government started regulating hp.


GENERATION 9:1995-1998 R33

Redesigned and heavier, bigger the GT-25-t has 250hp. GT_R had more broader torque, improving driveability. Super hicas and attessa-ets. 1997 the v-spec was released. 1996 nismo made its own version, r400 the gt-1 GT-R lm spec model at 305hp.


GENERATION 10: 1999-2002 R34

The GT-R has 280hp with 4 wheel drive inline 6, 2.6 litre engine twin turbo. It also has a redefined suspension and chassis.

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